The Forgotten Song

(being recorded)


1. In the Lands of Aegonia

2. Rain of Tears

3. With the Mists She Came

4. Restless Mind

5. Dreams Come to Me

6. Battles Lost and Won

7. The Offer

8. The Stolen Song

9. Gone

10. The Severe Mountain

11. A Bitter Fate

12. The Ruins of Aegonia



Restless Mind

Restless mind
Restless illusion.
Will I ever find the way?
Will I fail?

Fretting myself
Deeper and deeper.
Is there any reason here?
Thinking of her...

But I'll find the stone
I'll disperse the darkness
And the sun will shine again
And the rain will fall

Life will be awoken
Joy and spring will recur
But inside I'm broken
Only thinking of her

The sun and rain are back again





And thus the queen was caught in the mists
Alone to haunt there she was doomed
And none could save her
Unless... the forgotten song was sang

Rivers will flow, winters will pass
And I shall be at last forgotten...

I reach out to touch your face
But you're not here
I reach out to hold your hand
But I can't see you here with me, ooo
But you're not here with me any more

She's gone

Oh, you came, was it just a dream?
Only an illusion woven by the mists?

But time's never enough
Even when hours pass as slowly as years.
Reckless wind, couldn't you wait more?
Did you have to take her away from here?

Time's never ending, and the mists are so cold
A doom of sadness and grief, that no one foretold

Oh, deprived
By the slightest hope to see the light again
By the sun and the rain
She will not await me, await me




The Severe Mountain

Sorrow, give me strength
Winter, be my fellow-traveler
Memories of distant dreams
Ravel with the mountain winds

In the cold mountain shall I seek
A small and precious drop of water
Frozen in an icy cave
Folded in a veil of frost and chill

Close your eyes, you'll find your way
In this harsh mountain
Raging winds of cold and power
Tell me stories of a sacred song
Stolen in a distant dream

I have a vision,
I see it in my dreams
A snowflake flower of tremendous beauty
Frosen in an icy cave
Keeping what for me's most dear
In a cage of mist

And I shall not give up, nor fail
Until I find that icy cave
Until I free her song of power
And give her back what's hers by right

And then... I'll die in this harsh mountain
But fear I not death nor pain
If only this could free her power,
I'd gladly give my life away in return