In the lands of Aegonia

Posted at 12/04/17 - 11:32

Folks, at last, after a lot of work and a long wait, we can share with you the first song from our upcoming concept album "The Forgotten Song", based on the fantasy novel by Nea Stand.
And thus the story of Danil searching the Stone of the Winds and the forgotten song of Endoriel begins...

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Aegonia is supporting Antimatter

Posted at 28/07/16 - 10:04

We are very proud to announce that Aegonia will support the British band Antimatter in Live&Loud club on September 23.

Antimatter is a great and one of our most favorite bands, and we are very happy they are coming to Bulgaria and we have the honnour to play before them.
















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Aegonia live at Bar Zar

Posted at 07/02/15 - 00:09

February 22, one of the rare concerts of the Bulgarian doom/gothic/fantasy metal band Aegonia, at one of the best clubs in Sofia (bg) - Bar "Zar"!

Tothether we will dive into a fantasy world, where the music weaves the reality, and legends come to life in the mists. "The Forgotten Song" will be sang again, to remind us that magic is not gone from this world.

Besides the main hard sound you will also hear violin, flute, kaval, Rhodopean bagpipe.


February 22
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Entrance: 7 BGN


The event in facebook


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Of Love And Hate

Posted at 28/01/15 - 17:00

"Of Love And Hate" - a demo recorded in our own aegonian studio, mixed and mastered by Niki of Aegonia.

Special thanks to Tania Nikleva-Vladeva (flute) and Jordan Vladev (piano).

"Of Love And Hate" tells a story from the sequel of our fantasy book "The Forgotten Song".


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Gothic Fest Sofia 2014

Posted at 15/10/14 - 00:04

* Unfortunately Aegonia was not able to play at the festival *


It is a pleasure for us to be one of the bands that will participate in Gothic Fest Sofia this year! Aegonia will play on the second day of the festival (October 26th) at 18:00.


Many great bands, gothic bazaar, workshops! You can see the whole program of the festival here.




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The Power of Rock 4

Posted at 18/09/14 - 18:33

Congratulations to "No more many more", who  won the fourth edition of "The Power of Rock" deservedly with a great performance of their  songs - a group of world-class! Congratulations to the organizers, sound recording men, the jury and all other groups that participated in the festival. It was a very nice and relaxed event in one of the coolest places in the capital.
We , Aegonia , also did  not leave  empty-handed. Together with the new acquaintances, we  received an invitation to participate in Emo Bratanov”s  radio show "Music Box" , an  invitation for a  concert in "Maymunarnika" the next season, and the biggest surprise for us came from Milena , who wished to make her  version of "The Severe Mountain! "
Here is some feedback from the media. Thanks for the kind words referred to our group!
From MetalHall (full article - in Bulgarian only)

Aegonia got on stage next in line and were a great surprise for the jury. The song, which participated in the festival  was "The Severe Mountain." For the second song from their performance I do not even have words to describe how it feels when you hear live bagpipe with its impressive sound of the folk song "The Maid and the Mountain"

By Vasco Gromkov (full article - in Bulgarian only)

Great  Aegonia (Sofia) received two offers: a concert in "Maymunarnika" the next season and personally by Milena Slavova ,who expressed her wish to make her  own version of their wonderful competitive song "The Severe Mountain."

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Aegonia @The Power Of Rock 2014

Posted at 02/09/14 - 19:01

Aegonia will participate at The Power Of Rock 2014 festival with "The Severe Mountain" and "The Maid And The Mountain". September 13-14, Borisova garden, Sofiq (we will play on Sept. 13).


September 13-14 2014
Maimunarnika (Borisova garden)
Start: 17:00




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Restless Mind

Posted at 14/08/14 - 00:08

Another self-released demo recording from our first album "The Forgotten Song". This is actually the very first song we composed as Aegonia.

"Restless Mind", just like the other songs from our first album, tells a story from the fantasy novel "The Forgotten Song" (coming soon in English!)


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Bendida, Endsight and Aegonia live @New 8 Ball, Sofia

Posted at 14/03/14 - 21:31

March 30 - Aegonia live @New 8 Ball (Sofia)


The occasion for this concert is that Bendida will be presenting their new video and their new vocalist Kremena, and on the drums will play our drummer Rosen.
The third band is Endsight from Greece.

New 8 Ball, Sofia
March 30 (Sunday)
Start: 20:00
Free entrance


The event at facebook





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The Severe Mountain

Posted at 10/02/14 - 12:05

We are very happy to present to you our first studio recording.

"The Severe Mountain", just like the other songs from our first album, tells a story from the fantasy novel "The Forgotten Song" (coming soon in English!)


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Aegonia @Shure Call For Legends Contest

Posted at 20/12/13 - 12:57

Aegonia decided to participate in Shure Call For Legends Contest with our song "The Maid and the Mountain" ("Ща да ида, майÑинко")!


The day our profile was created in the contest's website, just for a few hours we got more than 300 plays of our song. Thank you!! This give us the chance to continue our participation in the competition - 20 of the bands with more than 300 plays will be chosen, and after that a jury will decide for the three winners amongst these bands.


Check out a short biography movie about Aegonia, which we made for the contest as part of the terms to participate.


Aegonia's profile @Shure Call for Legends Contest 


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The A.X.E Project and Aegonia live @JetRock Club, Sofia

Posted at 20/11/13 - 20:20

November 23 - one of the rare live gigs of Aegonia!


We are playing together with The A.X.E. Project - the symphonic metal band, which was the supporting band for Blind Guardian at their concert in Sofia a few years ago.
We have prepared several brand new songs, including one with a Rhodopean bag-pipe.
At the gig you can buy a disk of The A.X.E. Project and our fantasy book "The Forgotten Song".

JetRock club, Sofia
Doors: 20:30
Start: 22:00 Ñ.
Entrance: 7 BGN


The event in facebook



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Presentation of "The Forgotten Song" in Karjali - pictures

Posted at 17/10/13 - 19:27


Presentation of "The Forgotten Song" and a concert of folklore ansamble "Goce Delchev"

 at the regional museum, Karjali


I would like to say "Thank you" with all my heart to our kind hosts from the Regional Museum of History, to the great audience, which made us feel so welcome, and to everyone who took part in this event in one way or another. I don't have enough words to express how much I liked it - it was far greater than all my expectations!


Media (in Bulgarian)

Music is the most inspiring thing - an article about Nea Stand

of Aegonia (in Bulgarian)


Author: Nea Stand

A cutural event in three parts at the Regional museum in Karjali

Posted at 06/10/13 - 19:36

It is a great pleasure for me to invite you to an event we are organizing in Karjali together with the Regional Museum of History in the town. It will be part of the events dedicated to the Day of Karjali (October 21) and will consist of selected classical music for two violins and piano, presentation of "The Forgotten Song" - the novel and the music and folklore music played by our wonderful choir and orchestra.


For the first time ever we will play Aegonia's newest song - "Of Love And Hate", which will be a part of our second album.


October 12 2013


Regional Museum of History at the town of Karjali






Author: Nea Stand

Presentation of "The Forgotten Song" in Sofia - pictures

Posted at 15/05/13 - 19:52


Presentation of "The Forgotten Song" in Sofia


Thanks to all the guests and to the people who took part in the event, and to our wonderful hosts at +tova

- it was a great event!

Author: Nea Stand

Presentation of "The Forgotten Song" - the novel and the music - in Sofia

Posted at 19/04/13 - 19:56


In the beginning there was the music, and then the stories came. Everything started with several unfinished ideas, pieces of lyrics, which slowly became conected in a whole story and took us to the world of Aegonia...

Thus the songs and the stories of "The Forgotten Song" came to life. We would like to present them to you on May 10 at +Ñова .

Come with us, we will take you to a world of legends and tales, to seek together the Stone of winds and the Mistress of the mists... 

The event at facebook

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The A.X.E Project, Bendida and Aegonia live at Stage 51, Plovdiv

Posted at 20/03/13 - 21:02

A night of mystery... A night of female vocals, flutes, violins...A night of Symphonic Metal, brought to us by the best bands in this genre in Bulgaria:

The A.X.E. Project:

Start: 19:00
Entrance: 7 BGN


The event at facebook








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A new recording

Posted at 05/01/13 - 17:35

Check out a side project of Elitsa Stoyanova (Nea Stand) and Nikolay Nikolov from Aegonia - a song with folklore motives, arranged and recorded together with Jordan Vladev (


Author: Aegonia

Wasted Dreams and Aegonia live at bar-club Adams

Posted at 16/12/12 - 21:07


Author: Aegonia

Fanagoria and Aegonia live at Jet Rock club

Posted at 24/10/12 - 20:06


Author: Aegonia

Aegonia live in Bankya at rock-fest "Grymnitsa" 2012

Posted at 10/07/12 - 20:08

Check out the program of the festval here







Author: Aegonia

Art-fest "Bagri" 2012

Posted at 20/04/12 - 20:11

On May 12-13 Aegonia will plat at Art-fest "Bagri" 2012 in Bankya.

The festial includes various musical styles and many other arts.

For more information check out this link



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"The Forgotten Song" is now published in Bulgarian!

Posted at 25/03/12 - 21:09

"The Forgotten Song" is now published in Bulgarian! Soon it will be available on Slaveykov square in Sofia and in some bookstores. A list of bookstores where you can get a copy of the book (in Bulgarian) will soon be added to the website.

The book can also be bought from the office of DiMax publishing house in Sofia.





Author: Nea Stand

The Bulgarian version of the book "The Forgotten Song" is being printed on paper

Posted at 22/02/12 - 13:40

The Bulgarian version of the book "The Forgotten Song" is now being printed on paper, and available online in the Bulgarian version of the website.


We are planning to have it translated into English by the end of 2012. 



Author: Nea Stand

Aegonia in facebook

Posted at 20/02/12 - 18:53

Join us in facebook -

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Gone's recording is complete

Posted at 18/02/12 - 18:44

We are done with the demo-recording of one of the songs from "The Forgotten Song" - Gone. You can listen to it online on our website or on the following links:

Author: Aegonia

The book "The Forgotten Song" is now finalized and edited (in Bulgarian)

Posted at 02/11/11 - 09:18

It has been a great experience to write it down, as even for me it revealed slowly and gradually, often it kept me in tense and ignorance.


I hope to see it soon published in Bulgarian as an e-book and on paper and translated in English.


Special thanks to Nelly Koleva, editor of the book.

Author: Nea Stand

Aegonia in a home-studio

Posted at 16/09/11 - 07:13

We started to record at home. It turned out to be very hard to record accoustic drums, so as a start we decided to make them electronically by using a software. Since this is done by people, who are not drummers, they sound... as they do.

With the other instruments things are going more smoothly.

We are working on several songs in parallel, no it seems Gone will be the first to be fully completed.

Things are pregressing very slowly :)

Author: Aegonia

There will be a book too!

Posted at 14/06/11 - 07:36

We now know how the story of the forgotten song ends. In parallel to the music we started writing it down as a book. The caption will be the same as album - "The Forgotten Song"

Author: Aegonia

The beginning

Posted at 27/04/11 - 19:46

In the beginnig we played just for pleasure, mainly instrumentals, as none of us felt comfortable to sing and improvise using vocals, nor had we things to say using words.

Besides the usual short ideas, the first whole song we put together was Gothic (later renamed to Restless Mind). In the beginning it was only music, without lyrics, without a vocal melody.

A few months later, while playing at home with our accoustic instruments, Rain of Tears came to life, and soon after that With The Mists She Came.

And then we understood the lyrics of the songs were conencted. We found out that through the music and the lyrics, a whole story was coming to life... The legend of Endoriel, the mistress of the mists, and her forgotten song.

We are starting the recordings!

Author: Aegonia

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