Aegonia was founded by Eli (Elitsa Stoyanova) and Niki (Nikolay Nikolov). We started by playing short improvisations on a guitar and violin without any speciffic plans for the future. Then we began to add vocal lines and lyrics, which were generally improvisations. We soon noticed that the lyrics were connected to each other and were telling us a fantasy story. We were so excited by this discovery, that we started thinking about this all the time. Eli decided to write this story as a fantasy novel with writer’s name Nea Stand. The writing process led to more music, and the music – to more facts from the story. Every new song we wrote was like another piece of the puzzle that we later called “The Forgotten Song”.

In the world of Aegonia the biggest power of a sorceress/sorcerer is their song. Our first album and novel tells the story of Endoriel’s forgotten song. The novel pretty much sounds like a tale or a legend. Endoriel is a powerful sorceress and the queen of the ancient fortress Aegonia. One day she is attacked by another sorcerer – Varkhagor – who is determined to conquer her lands. He soon realizes that Endoriel’s power is equal to his and he has to be very creative in order to defeat her. So he comes up with a plan how to steal her song of power…

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We have always been fascinated by the beauty of nature and the authentic folklore music. We shot the autumn footage of "The Maid And The Mountain" ("Ща да ида, майчинко") in the eastern Rhodopi mountains, and the winter footage - in its western regions. All the clothing and items we have used in the video are authentic. A magical trip back in time.

"Samodiva" is EPISODE 2 of "The Maid And The Mountain". We shot this video at the beutiful Krushuna falls.
("Samodiva" - this is a magical creature in the Bulgarian folklore - a woman in white clothes and bare feet, that lives in the forest. The word is made of two words meaning "alone" and "wild".)

Other folklore songs of Aegonia are: "Иска ми дума гората" (translated literally means "The forest asks me for my word") (video) and "Заспала е Стоена" ("Stoena has fallen asleep").


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