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Dear friend, the melodies and stories told in our songs and in our fantasy novels were revealed to us from an invisible world of inspiration and magic. We did not "invent" these songs and stories. We were just the people by whom they came to this physical world. We did our best to record them as music and text and since they are not ours, they are free to be listened to and read. You can download Aegonia's novels for free from this website and you can listen to Aegonia's music in all major platforms.

Download "The Forgotten Song" ebook for free FB2 format | MOBI format

In case you still want to support us in continuing to reveal more of the stories from the lands of Aegonia, you can order from our physical MERCH items.

The items on this page only ship to our home country BULGARIA. For international shipping please visit our bandcamp .

Продуктите от тази страница се доставят само за България с куриерска фирма Speedy или Econt. За чужбина моля посетете нашия bandcamp.